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After a day of slow pier fishing, the fellas and I decided it was time to take the yaks back out.

Per usual, I forgot sun screen and paid. BRING SUN SCREEN!

Anyway, we met up around 6:30 am to unload the yaks at the inlet. We were prepared with fiddler crabs and flounder bait to try out luck with putting some meat in the fridge!

Loaded up and had a chat with the Marine Police (who later made fun of me for being so slow at catching fish) and were on our way.

Plenty of good fish caught! Lost my personal best flounder beside the yak. Lost sheepshead and a bunch of other stuff! But I did manage to get a hook into some great stuff!

This video is a bit shorter and only really shows about half of the day’s fishing. I had some water issues with my extra batteries the day before at the pier and were not all dry. I worked with what I had!

Thanks again to Shane and Chuck (Charlie) for putting this all together and making it happen! Also, thanks to Shane’s friend who once again lent me his Kayak.

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